Founded in 2011, Serenity is now recognised as one of the leading anti-ageing clinics in Yorkshire. It is led by an experienced team of independent nurse prescribers who have trained at an advanced level, and who have nearly twenty years combined experience between them. Our goal at all times is to help you and your skin look and feel your very best. Having confidence is key in life and, by empowering both men and women to make educated choices about their skincare, we see time and time again how our patients develop greater assurance and more positive attitudes, which they then take back out into the world. This kind of confidence enhances everything they do.

Over 10 years Serenity has treated patients from all over the world and at the clinic we are honoured that many of them specifically wait to come back and see us when they are next in town. It was with this dedicated and expanding clientèle in mind that we decided we wanted to be able to extend our combined expertise and knowledge of skincare – along with high quality supplements and all things ‘beauty’ - to anyone, anywhere. So …. fast forward to the present and let us welcome to our online store: ‘Serenity – Experts in Skin, Health & Wellbeing’                                                                                               

Our vision is to bring you our hand-picked ‘best of the best’ beauty products available on the market today. We believe in pure, ethically produced products that contain high levels of natural ingredients, while still delivering great results that are fully backed by science. Researching skin care products and ingredients yourself can not only be time consuming but also confusing. So, with the vast number of options out there competing for your attention, why not leave it to the professionals? With our VIP Service, one of our skincare experts will tailor you a bespoke skincare regime which is fully suited to your specific skin type, requirements and goals. They will then continue to work in partnership with you to ensure you always feel and look your best. 

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