Over the years we have all come to learn that not everything which looks beautifully packaged, smells lovely and feels nice is quite what we would like it to be. There can be so many concealed downsides. It is quite disturbing to think that people knowingly sell - and indeed buy - beauty products which contain chemicals and other ingredients which can cause untold harmful reactions within the delicate ecosystem of the human body. Many have also been produced in unethical ways. Therefore, one of our core fundamental principles here at Serenity HQ is that we only select product brands which are transparent about the ingredients they use, what the origin of those is and what the producing company’s stance is on animal testing. Protecting the environment at all costs is another of our core principles, and we have taken care to weave it into the fabric of our business since the very beginning. Over the years in our clinic we have dramatically reduced our use of paper, introduced biodegradable gloves and recycled materials wherever possible. We know we are still far from perfect and hope that while we continue to work on this, our on-going annual contribution to 1% For The Planet will help to offset some of our inevitable environmental impact. Our chosen non-profit organisation is currently Rainforest Alliance, who have striven since 1987, through a range of global projects, to bring balance back to our wounded planet. We are so proud of the work they do and of our small part in supporting them.